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Head Count

Head Count

So, I’m still fighting an infection of some sort. Ibuprofen and Goldenseal tea are my two best buds. However,  yesterday evening I got dressed just enough to not shock the neighbors and went to do a quick inspection of the garden. I had decided I may need to make a list of tasks for the Parsnip to do if anyone was in desperate need of anything.

All was quiet on the garden front. Our abundance of rain coupled with warm (okay, hot) weather has left my garden feeling rather smug about herself.

Lemon Cucumber June 2012

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The Project

The Project

So, as some of you will remember, two weeks ago I hurt my back. I was in a bad way for over a week. I’m happy to say I have recovered and am back to my broken down self that I was before. I’m thanking God daily, if not hourly for this I can assure you.

All of the hub bub of the past two weeks has gotten my family on “mom lifting” alert. If I so much as move a tool from one area of the yard to another, I promise warning sirens go off “Warning! Warning! Lifting in progress! Proceed to scolding stage immediately! Warning! Warning!”

I realize that they certainly do not want to see me suffer (or have to help me walk from one room to another at 1am) but good gravy, I was just moving the hoe I wasn’t using the hoe.

So, I’ve decided to placate them. It’s five against one, I don’t have much choice. I’m doing “easy” projects myself and watching (and directing) all of the heavy business that they’ll do.

I’m pickling radishes this week. Yum. This has been a super fun project for Patrick (and me). He gets so excited to find the really big ones but he also has fun getting the little ones, “Aww it’s so cute!”. We thinned out some of the small ones to make a little room for some of the medium sized radishes to do their thing. I’m hoping to get all of the French Breakfast done this weekend. That will give me next weekend to do the Spanish Blacks and Philadelphia White Box, just in time to do the Green Meats and Mino whites the week after that. So, by all calculations, the next 12 years of Saturdays are planned for me = )

A dear lady from church just gave me 6 dozen quart jars, as she finds them too heavy to deal with these days. Her husband had it right when he said, “She’s not giving you canning jars, she’s giving you work.” He was spot on, but I am so grateful for the jars and the work, for that matter!

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Stuff You Missed in Botany: Propagation from Cuttings

Stuff You Missed in Botany: Propagation from Cuttings

When the Parsnip was a young preacher just getting started, we would often visit with the older members of our congregation. We would see if they had any physical, environmental or, most pressing in our line of work, spiritual needs.

While living in El Dorado, Arkansas we were always glad when the time would come to visit Henry and Marguerite Hogg. Henry was a strapping man in his early eighties when we met him. He had stories, many stories of how he had been a school teacher (at age 16!), then went on to be the county postmaster at the ripe age of 19. He had been to war, lived through the Depression and raised a strong, loving family.

As interesting as it was to visit with Henry, I always looked forward to my visit with Marguerite. This tiny, 5 foot, soft spoken woman chose her words carefully and didn’t “put on airs”. I liked that and I liked her. But, my favorite thing about visiting with the Hoggs was…the violets.

Marguerite had loads and loads of beautiful African Violets.They covered every inch of every windowpane. Rich burgundy, royal purple, majestic pink, quiet lavender violets, violets, everywhere.

Violet Array

One Thursday morning Curt (the Parsnip) called me and said, “Hey, Henry and Marguerite want us to come over, can you be ready in 20 minutes”? When we got there we had coffee and some treat or other and then Henry took Curt out to his large, beautiful garden to talk man things. Marguerite said, “I want to give you a violet, you always admire mine so”. I was thrilled beyond words. My own violet treasure. Read the rest of this entry

Throwback Thursday: Poppy

Throwback Thursday: Poppy

Mother of Pearl Poppy

I’ve mentioned before that I’m from California. Napa, CA to be exact. In Texas we get four to six weeks of beautiful bluebonnet season. In California we would have months of poppies, and I loved it.

This year I am growing poppies in my flower garden. I chose three kinds, Mother-of-Pearl, Shirley, and Ballerina. The Mother-of-Pearl are gorgeous, delicate, and antique looking. The Shirley are bold and cheerful and the Ballerina are graceful and majestic.




As I was researching this article, I learned that the poppy is a flower used to show remembrance for soldier’s that have died in battle. I think they make a fitting tribute.

Poppies have been used for centuries as a medicinal plant. Of course, we now know that they contain

Blue Poppy

morphine and codeine, both of which are used to relieve pain. Mythbusters did a story about whether or not your drug test would be positive if you ate a bagel with poppy seeds on it. It turns out that you can, in fact, get a positive for opiates if you eat poppy seeds prior to your drug test. Something to consider next time you apply for a job.

My favorite way to enjoy poppies, aside from my yard, is poppy seed cake and poppy seed chicken. I’m sharing these recipes with you.

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Fait Accompli

Fait Accompli

I have radishes, beets, parsnips and bunching onions. Two flower beds,  two blueberry bush pots, two acai bush pots and a geranium/herb pot planted. Nine million and forty two seedlings ready for transplant (give or take eight million). My back is sore, my calves are tender, my arms are killing. I LOVE SPRING!

I’m trying to beat a thunderstorm that is heading our way so this will be yet again, a shorter post. I wanted to tell you about the flower beds I put in yesterday evening. This is a very simple border around our little parking area. I think it will help make this neglected looking area a bit more cheerful.

Lilliput Zinnias

Marigolds Petite Mix

Along the length is a bed 2′ wide by 25′. Here I planted:

  • Marigolds:
  • Janie Flame Marigold

  1. Janie
  2. Fiesta
  • Zinnias:
  1. Carmine Rose
  2. Envy
  3. Scarlet Flame
  4. Violet Queen
  5. Rose Cactus

Along the width the bed is 2′ by 15′. I wanted lower plants here. Here I put:

  • Thyme -because we can all use more of this, right?
  • Petite Marigolds in yellow and orange
  • Lilliput Zinnias


Ugh! I hear thunder. Here are some pictures of the beds before the flowers. After pictures will have to wait, I need to get outside!

It's going to be lovely, but at the moment...not so much.They'll be spectacular...someday!What will be, will be.

Have a Spring filled paisley day!~KeriAnne