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Creepy, Crawly Friends

Creepy, Crawly Friends

I don’t like bugs. I really don’t. Insects that are found in the house are not harmoniously ushered out, but are instead smashed. However…in the garden, insects have become my friends.

As an organic gardener, I have come to rely on the army of natural insect predators that exist only to rid my garden of vegetation destroying pests. Okay, I’m sure that’s not the only reason they exist, but it’s what’s important to me. Allow me to introduce you to my friends.

My oldest and best friend is the Ladybird (or ladybug). She is probably also well known to ┬ámany. Her job is to munch the aphids, and she does this with relish (but no mustard). She’s a beneficial beauty and it helps that she’s also cute.

Next, almost as cute is the Green Lacewing.

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