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Is it Time to Feed You Again?

Is it Time to Feed You Again?

Friday seems to come faster and faster these days. = ) Is it time to feed you again?

Today I have a Gunz creation that has morphed into a fun, easy tradition.

It’s Friday, it must be time to feed you again!

Tuesdays are omelet day at the Gunz’. Each person fills out their “order” sheet that includes all of the ingredients on hand for fillers and each person gets a personalized omelet. There is even a fill in section for “extras” I may have forgotten to list. I draw the line at peanut butter, you’ll have to spread that on yourself. Some winner combinations included Durkee onion rings (you know, the kind you put on green bean casserole?) and cheddar cheese. Some incredible fail combos included Spagettio’s, let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty, and the recipient ended up with a mushroom and Swiss in the end.

This time honored tradition has been followed with other “You Build It” variations. Friday is usually homemade pizza day. You pick your topping, I make pan size crusts, you build your pizza, the Parsnip cooks them (because he doesn’t scoff at lifting out the pizza stone a dozen times, especially when homemade pizza is involved).

Our most recent build it yourself involves sliders made to order. We use King rolls for buns or sometimes I make them. In a pinch we have used English Muffins with good results.

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