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Throwback Thursday: Cornflower

Throwback Thursday: Cornflower

Last year I had one garden bed at the side of the house that was designated for winter squash, but it never got planted.

I realized that I really don’t like staying too long on that side of the house because it is near the road.

Seaweed or Woads, 2 months old.

I have this silly cat, Woads, that was abandoned by his mom at three days old, that I subsequently, bottle fed and raised. Now, when I’m outside, he’s right at my feet. If I’m on that side of the house, he’s too close to the road, because when he gets scared, he climbs me.

Now do you see the dilemma?

Every time a car goes by, I become Pepito from Madeline. (If you don’t understand this, you really must read the Madeline books by¬†Ludwig Bemelmans. Go now, I’ll wait.)

So, this year, I tripled the size of the bed and planted flowers. The idea was to be able to attract pollinators, beautify the public side of the house and have a bed that I could plant and let be. It was such a good plan.

Three days after I planted, we had torrential rains. While the rest of the beds loved the rain, the flower bed with it’s tiny seeds, took a beating. The result?

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