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Ketchup Part Deux

Ketchup Part Deux

I’m caught up in ketchup at the moment.

Do any of you say catsup instead of ketchup?

Yesterday I fully intended on giving you at least six recipes for ketchup, but it all went pear shaped. I have been trying to find a plugin that will allow me to easily add and categorize recipes. I thought I had found one, only to be chuffed on the chin when I found out you could only add one recipe per post.

As you know, I usually have a theme and then fiddle with the variations of that theme. This generally results in three or four or a lot of different recipes related to the theme. One recipe per post isn’t going to work for me.

So, while the Parsnip continues to research every plugin ever available for recipes, I’m going on my merry. The Parsnip, while a scoffer, is also the computer geek extraordinaire. If it’s out there, he’ll find it. If it’s not, he just may write it.

In the meantime…more ketchup…err….catsup….um….you know, the stuff in a bottle that you get with fries.

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So here’s the thing; I seem to collect obscure information.

For example, did you know carrots were originally purple, red or yellow? It wasn’t until the 1600’s that orange cultivars started to be pulled up. (Get it because you pull up carrots?)

See, obscure, some (the Parsnip) would say,  useless information.

Ooh fancy French carrots!

But it’s not so useless when you know that the reason people preferred the orange to the purple, red or yellow, was because they had tougher roots that held up well for shipping and long storage. If you grow white, purple or red carrot today, you can attest that these varieties are much more tender than their titian brothers.

Today, I am not talking about carrots.

Today, I am talking about ketchup.

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