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From The Pasta Princess Ideas for Beets and Labels

From The Pasta Princess Ideas for Beets and Labels

Right now I’m using beet juice to dye washcloths that I have knit and crocheted. I found this great article about another great idea for beets. I hope you enjoy it.


What to do with all those beets – try canning some Pickled Beets and make Your Own Beautiful Canning Labels!

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Do you have a lot of beets in your garden or do you just love pickled beets?  Try canning them.  It’s super easy and you’ll have delicious pickled beets in the winter.  I love almost all vegetables, and although I like beets, I could take them or leave them.  But … pickled beets that is entirely another story!  I could eat them by the jar full.  I loved my mother’s pickled beets and it’s been years since I’ve tasted devoured them.  I don’t know why I never tried canning beets myself, but I am so glad I finally did.  I’ll have to save a jar for my mother …although, they won’t be quite as good as hers! Read the rest of this entry