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Well Now, This is Certainly Different

Well Now, This is Certainly Different

Why, it’s not about gardening at all! This is certainly different!

Something Different from the Paisley Carrot!

My kids are finally on break! We school through July then take August and September off, starting again the first of October. We started doing this when my oldest kids were little because where we lived, you could actually play outside some in August and September, not so much in June and July. It just stuck with us so even though we now live in a less hostile heat, humidity and mosquito environment, we’re staying with the old break schedule.

Understand, this break is only for the children. I’ll spend the next six weeks getting ready to start school in October. It’s seriously the busiest time of my year, lesson plans, gathering of materials and trying to keep up with my regularly scheduled agenda leaves me frazzled during this “break”. Charlotte Mason is great for kids, but can be taxing for the momma.

However, this is also when I get to plan my projects! I am bonkers for yarn. I love to spin it, dye it, crochet and knit it.  My lifetime goal is to finish a project from the sheep to the garment. It could happen.

It took me fourteen years, a gazillion ripped out stitches and my share of tears to finally learn to knit, but now that I have, I love it!  I actually learned the knit stitch with no problem, it was the elusive purl that threw me.

*Technical note for my knitting friends, the way I finally learned how to purl was by watching a lesson on the Swedish purl stitch, which is not a “normal” purl at all. For some reason, the explanation of the Swedish purl  cleared the path for a “regular” purl for me. It was a total aha moment, especially if you know that I took 11 knitting classes over the course of 14 years to try to learn how to purl. 

I also earn extra money with my projects. I sell baby hats, washcloths, scarves and various and sundry items that I hand craft.

This year has been the year of the washcloth. Cotton washcloths are brilliant to use. They last five to ten years, depending on how much bleach you use, they’re soft and absorbent, strong and dry quickly. In short, they rock. They make great baby shower gifts and are perfect for those going off to college, easy to make in the campus colors.


The Perfect Washcloth

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