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Longer Days, Shorter Posts, Must be Spring

Longer Days, Shorter Posts, Must be Spring

Spring, we’re one week in.

Days are getting warmer, sometimes, dare I say, hot. There are garden chores enough to keep one busy a good part of the day. Unfortunately, I have school with two boys which also would like to command a great deal of my day. I guess unfortunately isn’t really the best word, I mean, it is school. What I really mean is, I wish I had more time.

What I’ve been noticing is, as the days grow longer, my blogs have begun to shrink. I think that is just the way it is going to have to be for a while. As I begin to spread myself thinner, holes have begun to appear.

Patrick has had a huge breakthrough with reading, and I really have to take advantage of this with everything in me.

All that to say, here’s a recipe for the chicken tacos my family loves. The cilantro is from the garden. Usually, many of the items are from the garden, but the cilantro is the last hold out from last years crop. My son, Ryan, has developed and perfected this recipe and we enjoy it very often at the Gunz house. Enjoy it.

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