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Head Count

Head Count

So, I’m still fighting an infection of some sort. Ibuprofen and Goldenseal tea are my two best buds. However, ¬†yesterday evening I got dressed just enough to not shock the neighbors and went to do a quick inspection of the garden. I had decided I may need to make a list of tasks for the Parsnip to do if anyone was in desperate need of anything.

All was quiet on the garden front. Our abundance of rain coupled with warm (okay, hot) weather has left my garden feeling rather smug about herself.

Lemon Cucumber June 2012

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A Day For Chores

A Day For Chores

Last week I barely stepped in the garden. This week, ¬†it shows. Today is a day for chores. Usually I don’t mind garden chores. Weeding is just part of things. Trellis training is a must. Sometimes it can be a bit tedious, but it’s so essential, I just keep my eye on the prize. The prize it seems is a beautiful, luscious, glorious, bountiful harvest!

Radish Harvest 2012

I have to weed Patrick’s Green Garden, with some help from the little guy of course.

I saw about 20 ladybugs in the radish bed today. I'm glad 'cause this is where I'll be putting tomatoes this week.

I have to finish harvesting radishes, all except those I’m waiting for seed from.

I have to train some wayward cucumbers that would really like to migrate to the neighboring bed (the manure is always richer on the other side of the trellis, it would seem), and I need to manage some melons that would really like to just meander in the yard instead of on the trellis.

I have tomatoes almost ready to pick! Yay! And, the Raveena eggplants are all in flower. Oh, I just remembered, I’m picking Pattypan squash babies this week for pickles. I have enough for about 2 quarts at the moment. I’ll be making UFO pickles Wednesday.

Ready to harvest! Tom Thumb Lettuce

Little Gem Lettuce has become my favorite lettuce. They are adorable!

It’s a little hard to tell from the pictures, but each head of the Little Gems are four inches across. They are adorable, and have become my favorite lettuce over all.

Patrick’s Green Garden has Mexican Sour Gherkins that are ready to pick as well. I’ll toss some of them in some brine as well at some point this week!

Green Zebra Tomatoes almost ready!

Paddy wanted me to put a picture of his Zinnias blooming. This is "Envy"

Paddy's Green Garden Green Doctors Cherry Tomatoes

In the big cucumber bed in back, the White Wonder is the first to fruit this year. So, dills and garlic dills will be the first to get put up. Oh, and I’m trying a new (for me) recipe of Olive Oil Dills this year. If any of you have made these, holler at me, I’d love to know what to expect.

That’s paisleycarrot@gmail.com or you can leave a comment here.

Chores await, and I have a new book to listen to. Have a paisley day!~KeriAnne

Please, Fence Me In

Please, Fence Me In

Last week, and now again this week, has been all about the fences.

Here are a couple of trellis solutions for cucumbers, melons and tomatoes.

Last week I spent an inordinate amount of time fixing the pvc with netting that was my shoestring cucumber trellis from last summer. I contemplated replacing it with the new, easy, but much more expensive fencing I’ve adopted for the melon beds (and everything else it seems) but opted to keep it in place. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?

Pvc and twine, time consuming but costs less than $5

I’m pretty glad now that I didn’t because I was able to plant some marigolds, tansy and borage in the center, on the ends.

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